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We Have a Wilderness Vacation for You!!!

Whatever type of Wilderness Vacation you are interested in, Lauzon Aviation can accommodate.  Spectacular fishing destinations, plentiful hunting locations, and some remote camping sites where you will be the only person for miles.​

Fishing Vacations for Lake Trout, Rainbows and Speckle Trout all on the same body of water - we have cabins on lakes such as these!


If Bass, Whitefish, or trophy-sized Northern Pike are what you are after, we fly to lakes with these species as well.  


Enjoy the best kind of fish fry there that you yourself have caught in some of Ontario's pristine wilderness.


Contact Us today so we can help you plan your ideal fishing vacation for small and large groups.

Hunting Excursions

A wide variety of in-season hunting options awaits you in Northern Ontario, including but not limited to: Moose, Deer, Partridge and Water Fowl.  In Spring or Fall, combine fishing and hunting as an exciting outdoor adventure.


Our locations feature a variety of forested areas, valleys, hills and lakes which all offer relaxing scenery, and fantastic opportunities for a wide array of game.


Moose Hunting - 1 Bull Tag - W.M.U. #37


Contact Us today to book your hunting adventure with us!

Tenting & Camping Adventures

Looking to spend a quiet night out under the stars?  We have a number of locations that will put you in touch with nature in its purest form in some of Northern Ontario's most scenic locations.


Pack your lightweight camping equipment, or stay in one of our wilderness cabins and we will provide you with the boat and motor at one of our many locations.


We have a number of options available, Contact Us today and we will be happy to assist you in planning your choice of tenting or camping adventures.

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